Glisten Mobile Valeting & Refinishing Service.

Our valeting services are for all types of vehicles. Whether commercial or domestic, from cars to motorhomes. We can provide a full interior and exterior valet or just a wash and wax. The choice is yours, we cover Hull & East Yorkshire.

Do you have a vehicle in need of valeting?

Our mobile valeting service can come to you wherever you are in our service area’s. Our service area is East Yorkshire, for a friendly and affordable mobile valet service please call us today!

We can undertake all kinds of bodywork repairs including minor dents, scratches, chips and scuffs.

Take a look at our car bodywork services, or contact us today for a free quotation.

Established in 2011

Glisten Mobile Valeting & Refinishing Services was set up in 2011 by Mark Hartley offering mobile valeting and paint & body refinishing services. Our comprehensive valeting service is for all types of domestic and commercial vehicles.

What We Offer

Full interior & exterior valeting of your vehicle

Carpet & upholstery cleaning service for your home or vehicles

Bodywork repairs such as scratches, dents etc & alloy wheel refurbishment

Profesional Technician

Mark is a qualified technician in auto-paint and body refinishing. He is quallified to an IMI Diploma which is recognised in the motor trade as a Professional Technician.

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Our Guarantee to you.......

100% Customer Satisfaction

No False Advertising

Qualified, Professional Workmanship

Our Sevices


Exterior Car Wash – £27.50

Jet Wash, Hand Clean, Wheel Clean, Windows cleaned, Tyres Dressed


Mini Bus Full Valet - £85.00

Vacuum floor carpets, seats, matts inc boot – Shampoo upholstery carpets & matts, dashboard, console & door shuts polish – interior windows cleaned. Door & Console Polish, Seat Shampoo and Hand Wax to Showroom Condition.


Car Standard Full Valet - £50.00

Jet Wash, Hand Clean, Wheel Clean,  Windows cleaned,  Tyres Dressed, Inside Window,  Internal Hoover, Dashboard, Door & Console Polish.


Caravan Wash - £60.00

Full ExteriorJet Wash, Including roof, Soft Valet Brush Clean, Wheel Clean, Shampoo, Wax, Exterior Window Clean


Car Full Valet - £65.00

Jet Wash, Hand Clean, Wheel Clean, Windows cleaned, Tyres Dressed, Inside Window, Internal Hoover, Dashboard, Door & Console Polish, Seat Shampoo and Hand Wax to Showroom Condition.


Full Interior Valet - £45.00

Vacuum floor carpets, seats, matts inc boot – Shampoo upholstery carpets & matts, dashboard, console & door shuts cleaned – interior windows cleaned.


Mini Bus Full Standard Valet - £65.00

Vacuum floor carpets, seats, matts inc, dashboard, console & door shuts clean – Full exterior Jet wash, Shampoo & Waxed.


Caravan Full Valet - £125.00

Full Exterior Jet Wash, including roof, soft valet brush Clean, Wheel Clean, Shampoo, Wax, Exterior Window Clean Vaccuum and Shampoo all Carpets and Upholstery. Clean all surfaces & cupboads.

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Glisten Paint & Bodywork Refinishing Services

At Glisten Valeting & Refinishing Services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in automotive care and refinishing. Founded as a mobile car valeting service, we have evolved into a comprehensive solution for all your vehicle and UPVC window frame needs.

Automotive Excellence

Our journey began as a mobile car valeting service, offering the convenience of a fully equipped van that could come to your home or workplace. Over time, our dedication to customer satisfaction led us to expand our services. We now cater to a wide range of automotive needs, from minor scratch and dent repairs to full car resprays.

Our Automotive Services Encompass:

Smart Repairs: Quick fixes for minor scratch and dent issues, bumper scuffs, and minor stone chips.
Refinishing: Comprehensive solutions, from addressing deep scratches and bumper scuffs to full panel repairs and resprays. We specialize in resolving issues such as lacquer peeling on doors, wings, bonnets, and roofs.
Alloy Wheels: Our expert team can refurbish alloy wheels, eliminating curbs, scratches, scuffs, and even refreshing their colour.

Headlamp Restoration: Restoring discoloured, scratched, or faded headlamps to their original condition.
UPVC Window Frames and Door Refinishing

In our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective solutions for our customers, we've expanded our expertise to UPVC window frames and doors. Replacing doors and windows can be a costly endeavor, often necessitated by fading colours or a desire for a new aesthetic. Our specialized paint spraying services offer an alternative, allowing you to rejuvenate your UPVC window frames and doors without the need for costly replacements.

"How much does car paint repair cost at Glisten Refinishing Services, overseen by the expert Mark Hartley? Updated as of March 31st, 2022, our team at Glisten understands the frustration of discovering imperfections on your beloved vehicle's paintwork. With our keen eye on quality and affordability, we've delved into the average car paint repair costs in the UK.

  • At Glisten Refinishing Services, we offer a range of services tailored to your needs:
    Car paint chip repair cost
    Car paint peeling repair cost
    Car respray costs
    Other car paint repair costs
    Factors influencing the cost of car paint repair
    A handy car paint repair checklist

Depending on the extent of the damage to your car's paint, the type of repair required, and the model of your vehicle, our pricing will be customized to ensure a perfect finish. Please bear in mind that the prices provided in this article serve as approximate figures. For precise quotes.

Car Paint Chip Repair Cost:
At Glisten, restoring your car's paint chips typically ranges from £60 to £210. The exact price depends on factors such as the number, size, and severity of the chips. We take pride in the fact that repairing paint chips is a swift and cost-effective solution compared to a full respray.

Car Paint Peeling Repair Cost:
For peeling car paint, it's essential to address the issue promptly. At Glisten, our rates for repairing peeling paint can vary from £280 to £510, contingent on factors like the extent of peeling, your car's make and model, and the type of paint involved. We handle minor peeling starting from £70, while high-end cars with significant peeling may cost up to £1,200 or more.

Car Respray Costs:
In extreme cases of paint damage, a complete respray might be the best option. Our average cost for a full car paint respray is around £2,400, based on a vehicle like a Ford Focus with minimal damage. If additional repairs, such as dent removal and rust treatment, are required, the cost may rise to approximately £2,900. Please note that respray prices can fluctuate due to various factors, including car model and specific requirements.

Other Car Paint Repair Costs:
For bumper resprays matching your car's paint colour, our repair work starts at approximately £280. If you need a single panel resprayed, inclusive of minor damage repairs like dents, our pricing is around £400.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Paint Repair:
Several factors influence the cost of car paint repair at Glisten Refinishing Services. These include your car's make and model, the condition of the paintwork, the extent of additional damage (e.g., dents or rust), the complexity of the repair work, the number of panels requiring attention, the type and quality of paint and materials used, and your location. We recommend conducting thorough research and checking reviews when selecting a car paint repair service to ensure you receive quality work at a fair price.

Our philosophy at Glisten is to provide value for your money. While main car dealerships can be expensive, our experienced team specializes in car paintwork. If you have a lease car or a car under a specific finance arrangement, be sure to review your contract details regarding bodywork repairs.

  • Useful Car Paint Repair Checklist:
    Document all damage to your car's paintwork, including dents, scratches, rust, or peeling.
    Consult Glisten Refinishing Services for professional advice and accurate quotes.
    Compare car paint repair costs to ensure competitive pricing.
    Conduct due diligence to verify reasonable rates for quality work.
    Trust our experienced tradespeople, view previous work examples, and review customer feedback for peace of mind.

Remember, at Glisten Refinishing Services, we prioritize quality and satisfaction, ensuring your car's paintwork shines as bright as ever."

Feel free to let me know if you'd like any further adjustments or specific details included!

Our UPVC Refinishing Services Include:

Window Frames: We can transform the color of your window frames to your exact specifications, eliminating the need for purchasing brand-new frames and installations.

Doors: For composite doors that have lost their luster, we provide a cost-effective alternative to replacement by revitalizing their appearance.

Fascia: In addition to window frames and doors, we also offer fascia refinishing, ensuring a cohesive look for your property.

At Glisten Valeting & Refinishing Services, we are dedicated to enhancing the appearance and value of both your vehicles and your property. Our experienced team, equipped with a Level 3 diploma in vehicle maintenance and paint refinishing, stands ready to deliver top-tier craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Discover the transformative power of Glisten Valeting & Refinishing Services today. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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Glisten Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Service


Why waste money on carpet cleaning products that just don’t work? Have your carpets & upholstery professionally cleaned to look like new again!

G.V.R also offer a domestic cleaning service and are looking for new clients who would like their homes cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis by our friendly cleaning contractors for only £15.00ph usually only taking up to 2 – 3 hours depending on the size of the house and what is required.
We also have a carpet and upholstery cleaning service for your home or office.
Bring carpets and upholstery back to life again with our professional cleaning service. Our cleaning products are safe and environmentally friendly.
Prices start from just:-

  • Bedrooms starting from £50 for small up to £80 for large
  • Living room starting from £50 up to £80
  • Hall, landing and stairs for £80

Don’t waste money on expensive products that aren’t up to the job, or buy new carpets or furniture for your home when our carpet and upholstery cleaning service will have them looking and smelling like new again. Call us for a free quote and to arrange your professional cleaning service today!

A fully mobile valeting &
refinishing service for your vehicle

Take a look at the range of vehicle valeting services we offer. Also for refinishing your vehicle to repair dents, scratches and chips you will not need to look any further than Glisten Mobile Valeting & Refinishing Services.

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning. Window Frames & Door Re-sprays.

We also offer a driveway & patio jet washing service & conservatory cleaning UPVC Window Frames & Door Resprays to any colour of your choice.

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